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Freecell Game Rules

The Freecell card game is a solitaire in which you must draw the entire deck by suits from ace to king. At the beginning of the test, all the cards in the deck are laid out in 8 columns. The cards will be cascaded (partially mounted on top of each other) in each column, the first four being 7 cards, and the other four being 6. All cards must be visible and face up.

To play Freecell the following rules must be followed: 1- Each card can be placed on another card with an immediately higher index and a different color. 2- In addition to the 8 columns or cascades, there are usually 4 reserve spaces to temporarily place the cards. 3- If you have enough free spaces, you can move a sequence of cards in one move.

To make a Freecell move you must drag or click on the card you want to move to its destination position. The Freecell solitaire will end when you have sorted all the cards by suits, when no more movements can be made, or when the time available to solve it has run out.